Friday, December 14, 2012

What comes first... the venue or the date?

You know the old saying... what came first the chicken or the egg... it’s one we’ve all heard a million times and something I never could really apply to my life until now.  Even being a part of the wedding industry for so many years, I had never thought about where a bride begins the process until I got engaged... what do you decide on first, the venue or the date?  Every bride I have talked to has a clear cut answer for this, as many do with the chicken and the egg, “I picked the date first then found my perfect venue” or “I found the perfect venue and chose from the dates they had.”  It all sounds so simple until you find yourself engaged and planning a wedding in six months.

When you get engaged all the ads draw you in with “Your engaged... not what?”  Well, I thought the next logical step was to pick my date.  As I knew that would dictate the colors I chose, theme I decide to carry out through the event, basically everything. Unfortunately for me and my fiance we found out that the date we decided on fell the day before a very early Easter. Since most of our family is out of state, this meant that if we wanted anyone to attend we were going to have to choose another date.  Switching gears, I then began talking to venues and their first question was always “what’s your wedding date?”  After going through this for the first few places I called we made the decision that was right for us. We chose a few dates in the season that we wanted and went to look at venues that had those dates available among other qualities we were looking for.  Narrowing down the venues by our priorities and the available dates, we finally made our choice based on where we felt was the most comfortable, made the most sense, and had our top choice for a date.  We are very happy with the final date, it’s only a week away from the original date we wanted, and we’re even more excited about our venue.  It’s beautiful, classic, the food is amazing, and the staff is a perfect fit for us, we couldn’t ask for more!

As a bride and groom you need to decide what’s most important for you and your big day.  If you are set on a specific date, and you start your search early enough there will be plenty of time to choose the perfect venue for your perfect day.  Remember, unique dates that lots of people will want can start booking 1 - 2 years in advance.  If you have your heart set on a specific venue, you may want to be a little more flexible with the date.  Again, the further in advance you book the more availability they will have.  Choosing a season seems to be the the best overall place to start, that way when the perfect date and perfect venue fall in to place it is meant to be.

Happy Planning  :)

Sara Balzarini - The Future Mrs. Cox
Double Trouble Designs LLC

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