Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Welcome Monogram Front Door Sign

Making your house into a home really comes down to the details.  Lately I have been looking at several DIY projects to make things a little more "homey."  I found great inspiration for decorative monogram and welcome signs on Pinterest and created one for my front door.

Here's what you need...
Large Wooden Letter
Small Wooden Letters
Outdoor Paint (2 colors)
Paint Brushes (I used the disposable kind)
Wood Glue
Sand Paper
Glue Gun
Staple Gun
1.5" Ribbon (Grosgrain is what I chose because I like the look and durability)

1. Sand all letters

2. Paint 2 coats of paint in your chosen colors (let dry in between coats)

3. Glue "Welcome" to Large Letter in your chosen location (you'll have to play with where it looks best for your monogram) - TIP: Use toothpicks to scrape off any glue that leaks out around letters, I tried a few methods and none looked as clean as when I used the toothpicks.

4. Cutting the ribbon...
- If you want a bow: Measure the distance that you would like the letter to hang down then add about 12" to create the bow.  You want to cut 2 of the same size ribbons. (I used 2 28" ribbons)
- If you want a loop: Measure the distance that you would like the letter to hang down and double it plus about 4" to attach it to the back of the letter.

5. Attaching the ribbon... (There might be a better way to do this, but I wanted to get as much strength as possible) I folded the ribbon over onto it self at about an inch, hot glued it to the letter and stapled it with the staple gun, then glued the ribbon back on it self and stapled it again.

6. Finally, I tied the bow, checked to make sure I liked where it was hanging and trimmed the ends so they matched.  (If you're using grosgrain ribbon, don't forget to burn the ends to prevent fraying!)

Now stand back and enjoy the finished product!  I hope you have as much fun creating you're welcome sign as I did with mine!

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